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We are experiencing an issue with our toll-free SIP provider dropping conference calls after 23 minutes.  We believe this started on or about August 25th. We are currently investigating with our toll-free SIP provider.  Resolved: Since Monday, Sept 8th: we continue to see ATT and Verizon toll-free calls last longer than 23 minutes.  We believe the issue is resolved. 
Issue: Since the upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.1.2, we've encountered a few cases where meeting hosts (who were not the meeting owner) would get the error "No authorization" when they tried to change the recording access type (e.g., from private to public).  And they were able to do so prior to the upgrade. Solution: Have the affected person go to and click on the blue "Sign In" button.  This should resolve the issue.  Please contact connectsupport@jhu.…
Introducing Adobe Connect 9.1  
We are planning to upgrade production servers to Adobe Connect 9.1.2 version on 5/22. The upgrade will take place during the maintenance window between 4am and 7am (Eastern). What is new? Introducing Adobe Connect 9.1 
Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) is not in the supported lists of Operating Systems with Adobe Connect 8/9 yet. Adobe says there are "known performance issues with Mavericks in Connect 9 which can be caused in the meeting room session, hence we would not advise you to recommend this OS to users yet." There is no ETA when Mac OS X 10.9 would be supported.    Here's what we have heard from Adobe support on the Mac OS X 10.…

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