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There is currently a quota accounting issue in JHU's Adobe Connect. The application is reporting much higher use than actual active meeting participants. This is then causing the application to incorrectly believe JHU is exceeding the concurrent license limit. This is preventing users from accessing Adobe Connect meetings with the message "the user limit for this account has been exceeded". IT@JH is actively working with Adobe Support on the issue. On Wednesday afternoon,…
  We've been preparing for the Migration of Adobe Connect 9.4.2 content from the San to the new NAS cloud share. This change should be transparent to users while enhancing/increasing storage capabilities. Production Change - #C25064– conn-2691 We are planning the upgrade to production on 9/24/2015 The maintenance would be done between 4AM - 7AM Eastern.  There will  be brief downtime while configuration files are changed and the services restarted.…
We've been preparing for the minor update of Johns Hopkins instance of Adobe Connect from 9.3.1 to 9.4.2  This should include some improvements to the Whiteboard functions. For more information on fixes in this version see: We are planning the upgrade to production…
We are planning to upgrade production servers to Adobe Connect 9.3.1 version on 5/21. The upgrade will take place during the maintenance window between 4am and 7am (Eastern). What is new? Introducing Adobe Connect 9.3 
The SIS team is migrating database servers on April 23rd from 4-7 AM (Eastern).  One of the databases affected is for Adobe Connect ( We will be shutting down Adobe Connect prior to their migration, and bringing it up after the migration.  Adobe Connect will not be available during this period. 

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