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Issue:  Error "The Selected Document Could Not Be Retrieved" when you upload a Powerpoint (PPT, PPTX)

We are investigating this recent issue.

There are two workarounds :

Workaround #1 - Convert the Powerpoint to PDF and upload the PDF

The issue seems to be affecting Powerpoint files (PPT, PPTX), not Adobe PDF nor PNG (image) files.

Workaround #2 - Upload the Powerpoint, then use the Share Pod to Select Document from 'Uploaded Files'


  • you must be a Meeting Host to be able to see 'Uploaded Files'
  • it will not work for guest access (users without a JHED userid/password)

In reality, the Powerpoint has been upload and converted, it just isn't displaying within the Share Pod.

  1. Upload the Powerpoint to the Share Pod
  2. When you get the Error, click on 'Cancel'
  3. Select Share Document again
  4. Select 'Uploaded Files'
  5. You should see the Powerpoint you just tried to upload
  6. Select the file and click 'OK' to display it in the Share Pod


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