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There is currently a quota accounting issue in JHU's Adobe Connect. The application is reporting much higher use than actual active meeting participants. This is then causing the application to incorrectly believe JHU is exceeding the concurrent license limit. This is preventing users from accessing Adobe Connect meetings with the message "the user limit for this account has been exceeded".

IT@JH is actively working with Adobe Support on the issue. On Wednesday afternoon, we performed an emergency shutdown and restart of services to
see if it would reset the quota accounting. Unfortunately, that did not resolve the issue and we are continuing to investigate a resolution. Please be aware that we may have to take the system offline to stop and restart Adobe Connect services as we attempt to resolve this problem.

We will continue to update this post as more information becomes available.

UPDATE ( 4:45pm on 2/4/2016): We’ve applied a temporary increase to our concurrent user license that should alleviate the immediate problem while we continue to work with the vendor to resolve the root cause. We’ll continue to monitor usage of Adobe Connect to ensure it is functioning as expected. If you encounter the error “the user limit for this account has been exceeded” please report it to immediately.


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